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3 steps to profitable data


Definition of goals, spotting of low-hanging fruits and evaluation of existing data and its quality.


Evaluate additional data sources contributing to the defined goals and implement them.


Develop a model that optimises towards the goals and continuously improve its accuracy in cycles.

Our services

Social Media

Reach in social networks (Twitter, Instagram etc..) by optimising content, timing and channels.
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Efficient ad budgets by optimising targeting vectors based on raw signaling data.
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Increase revenue in online shops by identification of exit points and optimising the checkout funnel.
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Case Study

SynapticMinds created a custom bidding algorithm for one of the biggest food chains globally to optimize the cost & awareness for video ads in programmatic buying platforms in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group. Our work included the analysis of huge amounts of raw event data (terrabytes) in order to understand the behaviour of users viewing the ad (with Apache Spark, Python & Pandas) utilizing algorithms of the field of statistics and machine learning. Based on the outcomes, we build a model representing & optimizing the awareness of users seeing the ad with respect to the cost per impression.

Optimizing video ads with custom algorithms

An article on about the development of individualised algorithms for the optimization of video ads – a collaboration with Omnicom Media Group.

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Founded in Hamburg, SynapticMinds' mission is to help artists, companies and brands to utilize their data. We feel that our force to realize digital projects is accumulated by curiosity and the love for what we do.

Our focus is on data as it is the neurotransmitter between different people and apps and still an area to be developed and improved.

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SynapticMinds helps artists, companies & brands to get more out of their data.