SynapticMinds supports artists, companies and brands to understand and utilize their data the most.

Social media

Boosted reach at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok with precise metering and analysis.

Efficient ad budget with raw signaling data and optimization of targeting vectors.

Consulting, concept and development of secure distributed systems and crypto assets for the web 3.0.

Development of data strategies for optimal gains while protecting user interests.

Interactive online events with custom designs - easy access through normal browser.

Solutions merging individual needs and battle-tested patterns for scaling and maintainability.


Founded in Hamburg, SynapticMinds' mission is to help artists, companies and brands to understand and utilize their data. We feel that our force to realize digital projects is accumulated by curiosity and the love for what we do. That way, we're riding the bleeding edge technologies while keeping production systems stable.

Data means a lot more to us than technical bits & bytes: its the neurotransmitter between different people and apps and still an area to be developed and improved.

Let's get together

We're looking forward to challenge your goals and help you implement a successful data strategy!


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SynapticMinds helps artists, companies & brands to get most out of their data.