We love to build amazing tech.

Analyze & Optimize

Data driven insights to drive decisions with ease.

We love juggling with data. Web & Mobile analytics will give you the necessary insights to understand your audience.

We set up all the technical parts and create meaningful reports on a regular basis for you so you can focus on your business while increasing traffic & revenue and reducing costs.

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develop & operate

Develop & Operate

From ideas to solid digital products at scale.

Modern user interfaces and blazingly fast backends - our passion is to develop, analyse and scale systems as well as users.

We love building web and mobile applications, that are easy to use and load fast. Talking to and integrating APIs is fun for us.

We enjoy building custom backends that store and transact data efficiently and secure with respect to another important principle: they consume as less resources as possible and can be scaled horizontally by individual parts based on microservice architectures.

We operate cloud infrastructures that adapt dynamically to demand driven by traffic.

And last but not least: we feel comfortable writing Smart Contracts for various blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot und EOS.

Digital Events Platform

A fully customizable video conferencing platform with interactive elements.

We faced the need for a reliable and accessible online event platform that is compliant with data privacy laws - so we built one on our own. It utilizes real time technologies and works in all major browsers and difficult network situations (strict firewall).

online conference with realtime video & audio communication and interactive slides

Some of our work

Tom & Darren - das Online Quiz

Tom & Darren is a well-known pub quiz in Hamburg and successfully created a digital platform which can be booked by companies to bring their employees together in online events. They also regularly do public online quizzes. SynapticMinds developed the full-stack platform from frontend to backend and hosting inside a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster. The core element is the video platform which we designed & implemented on our own as we tested many paid (zoom) and open source (jitsi) platforms that did not serve our need as being fully customizable in design and user experience. The video platform requires a quarter of the bandwidth of the original platforms which also enables people in bad network situations to communicate with their team.

Omnicom Media Group

Together with Omnicom Media Group we created a custom bidding algorithm for one of the biggest food chains globally to optimize the cost & awareness for video ads in programmatic buying platforms. Our work included the analysis of huge amounts of raw event data (hundreds of GB) in order to understand the behaviour of users viewing the ad (with Apache Spark, Python & Pandas) utilizing algorithms of the field of statistics and machine learning. Based on the outcomes, we build a model representing & optimizing the awareness of users seeing the ad with respect to the cost per impression.

Data analytics platform

One of our internal ventures is the analytics platform that collects around 2m data points per day from social media and financial markets to predict price movements and risk based on certain factors. The platform utilizes ~50 microservices hosted in a self-hosted kubernetes cluster and multiple algorithms from static to deep learning models that have been trained historical data. It can trade on multiple exchanges and different asset classes (forex, stocks & crypto). The heart is the lab service, where data can be transformed and analysed in high amounts inside the cluster.

Slant Protocol - the distributed data network

Together with some great minds we have designed & implemented a distributed key management system at Slant Protocol utilizing distributed ledger technology. With the system, apps are able to build Zero-Knowledge Services on top of a range of public & private blockchains that protect the data of the user by splitting up the keys across different nodes. Due to this mechanism, the user is no longer required to re-encrypt data for receipients which is a perfect fit for data that is available for purchase or similar events. The system has been successfully audited without any significant security vulnerabilites.


Optimizing video ads with custom algorithms

An article on about the development of individualised algorithms for the optimization of video ads – a collaboration with Omnicom Media Group.

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Who we are?

Born in Hamburg, SynapticMinds is a place for people with the aim to bring their skills to excellence. We feel that our force to realize digital projects is accumulated by curiosity and the love for what we do.

The sweet balance between research and development helps us understand & utilize complex algorithms of machine learning to analyse data at speed and precision.

Fascinated by things that are invented day by day and the complexity backed with it we're seeking for more simplicity to make systems more resilient and easier to use.

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SynapticMinds helps artists, companies & brands to get more out of their data.