Blockchain solutions - more than hype?

High security, auditability and transparency with distributed systems

Blockchain solutions polarise per-se. Many people think it is purely temporary and too much hype. Yeah, blockchain is hyped, but for a good reason: distributed systems and tamper-proof tokens take are used more and more in traditional businesses and economy: from temperature tracking in logistics up to automatic (granular) billing in smart grids in the energy sector.

With Slant AG, the team behind SynapticMinds gained a lot of experience in the crypto sphere for many years. We developed smart contracts and touched base in a bunch of different communities including Ethereum as we had the demand to adopt those technologies for businesses early and to extend them with tools that enable a wider range of applications.

We believe for sure that there's no way around the distributed technologies and that its only a matter of time. We don't want to promise too much, though: there are business models that are not yet compatible with the space itself. But we're working on it :)

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