Data strategy: Analysis, reporting and cosulting to understand data and activate their potential.

3 steps to data driven decisions


Definition of goals, spotting of low-hanging fruits and evaluation of existing data and its quality.


Evaluate additional data sources contributing to the defined goals and implement them.


Develop a model that optimises towards the goals and continuously improve its accuracy in cycles.

Why it is important to think about data mining

More and more providers offer technologies to collect and report data. The problem is the interface between you and the provider. If you don't own the data, you will need to trust that the provider is taking care of it or even worse: you're limited to the features that the provider is providing.

At SynapticMinds, we maintain a culture of exploring data and experimenting with algorithms. After anonymisation, there's almost no limit in creativity: data can be transformed and explored with respective engines and algortihms from the fields of machine learnings provide amazing tools to dive even further. Thats why we recommend and help customers regularlry to setup their own infrastructure to establish data analysis. Many past projects show that this strategy helps to gain massive success compared to competitors.

We are happy to challenge your setup as well! Data mining is only one of many topics - we know, that the start can be tough and abstract and thats exactly what we want to tackle to help you be confident in managing your data.

Let's get together

We're looking forward to challenge your goals and help you implement a successful data strategy!


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