Interactive online events fully compliant with GDPR: Filmfests, webinars and othere creative meetings.

Live video chat, interactive presentations & breakout sessions? All accessible via web browser

For years we've been developing a online platform together with Tom & Darren (the online quiz), that is capable of interactive elements and group video chats: teams combat each other in online quizzes. The onboarding was one of the key factors: it was made as simple as possible via modern web browsers. With a support team, we helped those that had challenges with the setup of their microphone or camera and we can say proudly that in almost all cases the support team managed to onboard even those people, that did not have that much experience with the internet itself.

Customers with names in the game regularly book events via the platform such as Futurium and Hamburg Tourismus. With more than 50 events and customers with multiple thousand employees, the platform is tested and ready even for bigger events.

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