Maximum reach at social networks with custom solutions

Too many tools and a generalized view

Social media is tough for many artists and creators as well as businesses. But it could be that easy! Target group identification of their own followers, combined with trending topics and analytics on posts. But that's not all - it isnt event competitive in the fields, that are developing at rapid scale.

Many are using expensive tools, that seem to help at first but in the mid run they suffer from being locked into those tools and their limitations.

Future proof metering and evaluation to the rescue!

SynapticMinds is long-term analyst of social networks and partner of many profiles with high rankings and follower counts. We developed the necessary infrastructure to answer a wide range of questions qickly and precise - individualized to your needs.

A wide range of algorithms of the fields of statistics and maschine learning helps understand and transform data to make you competitive.

Let's get together

We're looking forward to challenge your goals and help you implement a successful data strategy!


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SynapticMinds helps artists, companies & brands to get most out of their data.