Software architecture: simple solutions to make teams more productive and failure resistence.

The art of combining individual needs with battle-tested patterns

At SynapticMinds, there's one thing we set in focus: the team. The most recent and efficient architecture doesn't provide any goods if the team is not able to work with it in an intuitive and self-explaining way. Therefore, we are consistently interviewing team members and their demands and issues with the existing project. That is forming the basis to decide which patterns would help, and those patterns are then discussed and challenged within the team.

Apart from frontend architectures, that optimise click-paths and load times with elegant state-management solutions we also provide support for backend architectures that improve idle-time and help cut the responsibilities vertically. From our experience in the integration field the last 10 years, we also do offer support in architectures that focus on integrating many services and their security to provide you with the foundation to be future-proof.

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